Knee Walker Rentals

Knee Walker Rentals

Anderson Wheelchair in Rochester, MN has knee walkers available for rent and purchase.

Knee Walker Rentals


Knee Walker/Scooter$5$105

- Fill out rental form below or call 507-288-0113 to reserve equipment in advance

- We keep credit card number on file for all rental items. If you would like to use another form of payment, notify Anderson’s beforehand that you would not like that card to be charged and provide another form of payment.

- Monthly rentals will be charged every month on the first day of the rental period.<>/P>

- Daily rentals will be charged upon return of the equipment. If we have a card on file and no other form of payment has been received or setup, then we will charge the card number provided.


Fill out the form below or call to reserve your rental today. Call for availability. Filling out this form does not guarantee equipment. If requesting rental for today or tomorrow, we recommend calling to confirm that we can fulfill your request.

Or call 507-288-0113 to get started