• The ultra-lightweight TiLite Pilot is the chair that moves and grows with your child.
    • Sized from 8″ x 9″ up to 14″ x 15″.
    • 2″ of growth in seat width.
    • 3″ of growth in seat depth.
    • The innovative carbon fiber frame design makes for light weight and easy adjustments.
    Lever-actuated wheel locks put the fun in functional!
    • Mounted in the upper position, the wheel lock lever is easy to reach.
    • Mounted in the lower position, the levers are out of the way for fast pushes.
    Unique footrest adjustment makes dialing in the perfect position easy.
    • As small as 3 inches of Seat to Footrest height without additional high mount parts.
    • Takes pressure off the clinician to choose a front frame angle.
    • Available with standard angle adjustable and flip-back footplates
  • The Koala chair is designed to grow with your child for years. The Koala Mini-flex is the ideal pediatric wheelchair for toddlers with its rugged motor and front-wheel-drive technology, same as the full-sized adult chairs. Offers R-Net Electronics, Optional Footplate Bumper, Optional Remote Stop System, and your colors to reflect your personality.
  • The ZIPPIE X’CAPE® pediatric folding wheelchair is the first ever wheelchair with XLOCK® technology for the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame. Designed for active and growing kids, the ZIPPIE X'CAPE weighs as little as 19 pounds and features a versatile frame available in over 600 color combinations.
  • Named for its built-in growth system, the Zippie® GS™ offers frame and component growth, standard and reverse wheel configurations, and folding and rigid frame wheelchair options to keep up with children's ever-changing lives! Zippie® GS™ Product Features:
    • Growth Capabilities
    • Folding and Rigid Frame Options
    • Standard and Reverse Wheel Placements
    • Dual Seat Rails
  • The Zippie IRIS® rotation-in-space wheelchair offers a superior combination of positioning, maneuverability, and increased portability with the XLOCK® folding crossbrace option. Product Features:
    • 40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology
    • Optional XLOCK® Folding Crossbrace
    • Accessories for Caregiver Convenience
    • Growth Capabilities
  • Standz is a newly designed standing system from Jenx. Standz abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°). Standz will be available with a full range of accessories to accommodate all users, and is suitable for Children up to approximately 9 years old. Size:
    • Age range: 1 year – 9 years
    • Leg Abduction: Prone 30° /Supine 30°
    • Max user weight: 45kg
    • Tool Free Adjustments
    • Angle Gauges
    • Individual Leg Adjustment
    • Individual Leg Abduction
    • Antimicrobial Covers
    • Tray Holder
    • Safety Lock
  • The Hoggi Bingo Evolution has been designed with all the features you would expect from a world-class product. Designed with maximum practicality in mind, the Bingo Evolution leads the class on weight, compactness, and adaptability. Standard Features
    • 45 Deg. Tilt in Space
    • Front or Rear Facing
    • Height Adj. Push Handle
    • Cargo Basket
    • Reclining Back to 160 Deg.
    • Fully Horizontal Back (180 deg) w/ combo of Tilt & ReclineAngle
    • Adjustable Legrest
    • Compact Folding Design
    • Adjustable Seat and Back Shell


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